Electro-matik Loads and Power Supplies

Electro-matik Loads and Power Supplies is the leader in:
* Laboratory DC power Supplies from 1A to 5,000A, 1V to 1,500 V
* Programmable Battery chargers for all types of batteries
* DC Electronic Loads up to 100,000W
* Regenerative Electronic loads up to 100,000 W
* Up to 5,000 A, up to 1,500 V.
* Battery life cycle testing
* Battery charger testing
* Electric Vehicle charger testing

Microprocessor controlled electronic loads with input power ratings from 400W to 7200W are ideal for virtually all requirements in modern load requirements for industrial and R&D areas. The four common regulation modes constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) and constant resistance (CR) can be utilised in any combination with the three operation modes A, B and A/B. A or B operation: Two different set values for all operation modes pre-selectable and switchable (manually or externally via a trigger input at the analogue interface). A/B operation: Automatic alternation between two set values A and (corresponds to a square wave control), separately adjustable in the chosen operation mode (CC, CV, CR or CP). The pulse widths of both, A and B, are also separately adjustable from 50us…100s. This corresponds to a frequency range of 10kHz…0,005Hz. Furthermore, the rise and fall time of the alternation from A to B or B to A is adjustable from 30us…200ms.

  • Battery test mode: for the controlled discharge of various battery types.
  • Display: clearly viewable on a backlit, blue-white, two-line dot display.
  • Analogue interface.
  • Trigger output (EL 3000).
  • System Bus terminal (EL 9000)
  • Card Slot for optional interface cards supporting; USB, CAN, RS232, CAN, GPIB/IEEE and Ethernet/LAN.
  • Power ratings: 0…400W up to 0…7200W
  • Cabinets with higher power upon request
  • Input voltages: 0…80V, 0…160V, 0…400V, 0…750V
  • Input currents: 0…25A up to 0…600A
  • Resistances: 0…1.2Ω up to 0…800Ω
  • Overtemperature protection (OT)
  • Pulse operation with adjustable duty cycle
  • Rise/Fall time adjustable
  • Operation modes ▪ Constant current (CC) ▪ Constant voltage (CV) ▪ Constant power (CP) ▪ Constant resistance (CR) h
  • Remote sense, trigger input, trigger output*
  • Battery test mode with time and capacity counter
  • Optional, digital interface cards ▪ RS232, CAN, USB, GPIB (IEEE) ▪ Ethernet/LAN h Optional water cooling (EL 9000 series)

The microprocessor controlled electronic loads in the EA-EL 3000 and EA-EL 9000 series satisfy practically every need of modern laboratories and industry.
Operation modes
The loads provide the following operation modes:
Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), Constant Power (CP) and Constant Resistance (CR).
The mode is selected by a switch. Appropriate parameters become available to protect the test equipment. For example, constant current can have a maximum power setting and constant voltage, power or resistance can have a maximum current and power setting.
Static operation
 In static operation two values, A and B, can be set using a fine adjustment knob. The user can switch between these two values.
Dynamic Operation
 In dynamic operation, the microcontroller switches between two values A and B, according to the adjusted pulse width and duty cycle.
For each value, a pulse interval between 50µs and 100s can be set. In addition, ramp up and down time between 30µs and 200ms can be adjusted.
There is also an external trigger input on the analog interface to feed an external source in order to switch A and B.
Battery test mode In the battery test mode the battery is discharged under constant current, constant power or constant resistance until it reaches a predefined final discharge voltage.
The discharge time and consumed capacity are measured and displayed.
Power range
The standard range provides loads from 400W to 7200W, or upon request cabinets with higher power.
Units of the EL 9000 and EL 9000HP series are equipped with thermal derating in order to limit power and avoid overheating when operating in the maximum power range.
The lower the ambient temperature and the better the cooling, the higher the power that the load can take. To circumvent this situation, models with water cooling can be delivered for permanent performance at maximum value and in extreme conditions.

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