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Ineltek works closely with these trusted providers to bring you additional products not listed……     ….. Should say something about how Ineltek has access to much more equipment and can offer solutions not readily apparent.

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EMI Solutions provides a variety of solutions to meet our customers’ needs including unique layout and designs with various filtering grounding and transient suppression. Our standard products can also be reconfigured to accommodate your needs or we can design a custom solution to meet most any EMI filtering challenge.
EMI Solutions regularly designs and builds custom filters for many types of connectors including RF
(BNC, BMA, N SMA, etc.), Telecom/Ethernet (RJ45), and filtered pin headers. Custom filter connectors are our specialty at EMI solutions so please contact us and one of our engineers will help you with your most challenging EMI design problems.

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HV Technologies testing and measurement solutions provide information that will increase the reliability of equipment for, or connected to electrical networks and systems. Using our EMC and HV Test Solutions allows for accurate compliance assessment of designs, while determining faults as precisely and quickly as possible. HVT solutions are not based on a single technology, but focused on capabilities and functionalities.




NEXIO’s exclusive range of test automation software meets a wide range of current EMC emissions and immunity testing needs and offers a full range of functions for the management of a global EMC lab activityas well as having the flexibility to adapt to your specific testing environment.

A H Systems inc


A.H. Systems has been established since 1974 and manufactures a complete line of affordable, reliable, EMI test equipment. Our individually calibrated EMI Test Antennas, Preamplifiers, Current Probes and Low-Loss Cables satisfy many test standards including CISPR, MIL-STD, FCC, EN, VDE, IEC and SAE. With a wide variety of mounting configurations, we can also offer tripods and accessories that compliment other EMI testing equipment used to complete your testing requirements. We are also committed to providing all of our clients with no cost prompt and professional technical support. Manufacturing high quality products at competitive prices with immediate shipment plus prompt technical support are our goals to improve the quality of your testing requirements.





TDEMI stands for a novel generation of EMI measurement systems providing real-time analysis and enabling the user to perform high-quality emission measurements in a fractional amount of time compared to conventional EMI receiver technology. Ultra-fast Analog-to-Digital Conversion as well as real-time signal processing allows to emulate the behavior of instruments like oscilloscopes, receivers and spectrum analyzers. Due to the TDEMI’s powerful signal processing hardware platform, corresponding to a computation power of between 20-30 conventional. PCs, such measurements are extremely fast in comparison to state of the art solutions.



Antenna Masts and Turntables Innco systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electromagnetic positioning systems for EMC measurement applications. For 20 years Incco Systems has been supplying Antenna Masts and Turntables to measuring laboratories and world leaders in electrical design and manufacturing who do their own EMC testing.

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Amber Precision Instruments is the IC, module and system level EMC/EMS evaluation tool manufacturer and solution provider equipped with unique combination of IC level and system level expertise.

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Products for this Millennium RFI/EMI Shielded Enclosures uses the latest materials and processes to contruct EMI/RFI shilding enclosures and tents. Typical set up time is 30 minutes, weight is under 50 pounds.




Since 1989 PONTIS has been supplying EMC hardened devices “Made In Germany”. Our Audio and Video systems are installed in test sites all over the world. The extremely low defect rate is the result of a strict quality management system and intensive testing. From standard analogue CCTV to HD-Video resolution and net work (IP) camera systems, all PONTIS EMC Products use the latest technologies.

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